We respect your privacy. We know that’s important.

At Fat Puppy Marketing, we believe in keeping secrets. The information you share with us (your email address, your personal data, and any cookies or other technology related info) is the basis of our mutual trust and respect. We are grateful for your time and attention, and carefully guard your information as if it were our own.

We use your information in order to connect with you in the way you intended when providing that information. When you downloaded resources or used a free quiz or tool we provided, you also gave us permission to send you an occasional email. If you change your mind about that, you are always welcome to unsubscribe. We won’t have any hard feelings… promise!

We may store your information in third-party tools as necessary for our business, but we don’t share your information with anyone for their use.

Do you have questions or concerns about privacy? Please email us to start the conversation. We’re happy to help clarify our policies and address your concerns.