Image of a colorful website with a quote from our client's client: "This is an incredible website!!!... such a welcoming site!"

Branding + Website + Marketing Support

A community organization gains better understanding of their values & mission, then launches a new website that enables over $6,000 in sales.

The Challenge

Taryn Temple started Topeka Swing Dance with a basic free website and a clip art logo.

However, with its first anniversary approaching and her eye on launching a large annual event, she knew she needed to upgrade its image to something more professional.  

The Before: Original Logo and Web Page

Black-and-white Microsoft Word-style logo with two silhoutted dancers and Topeka Swing Dance written over themImage of a badly-designed web page without essential information

“I was really nervous because it was a big step that I had no experience with. But once we started working together it was like, ‘Oh wow, Ashley knows what she’s talking about’ and I wasn’t nervous anymore.” - Taryn

new Topeka Swing Dance logo showing gender-neutral turquoise silhouttes dancing in front of a yellow capital building

The new logo captures elements important to the client, including gender inclusivity and capital-city pride.

The Solution

Branding + Logo

We began with branding exercises to define what Taryn wanted Topeka Swing Dance to represent to her clients and the community.

Based on TSD’s values of being welcoming, inclusive, and encouraging and providing a fun, happy experience, we developed a joyful color palette and a new logo.

Website Design

Next, we tackled the clunky and ineffective website. After considering the functionality the website would need as well as Taryn’s desire to be able to make future updates herself, we selected a user-friendly platform with built-in e-commerce and event registration capabilities.

The design of the site reflected Taryn’s goals of addressing people’s questions and fears and making trying a new activity feel approachable.

Screenshot of a vibrant web page

“This is an incredible website!!!... such a welcoming site!”
– a TSD client

The new website uses bright colors and diagonal lines to convey fun and movement. Participation is encouraged by highlighting upcoming events and answering people's hesitations.

One big piece of the project was providing the marketing support for TSD’s first-ever weekend-long workshop, TopCity Swing.

As a result of our work together, attendees – many of them from out-of-state – were able to register and pay via the website. Revenue from website sales was nearly $6,000, in addition to at-the-door sales and over $1,700 in sponsorships.

Full-page event sponsorship flier with boxes in the brand colors highlighting important information
Event ticket design with turquoise background, bold yellow text, and white music notesEvent flier showing bright evergreen tree with white snow and a blue sky with the headline "A Big Band Christmas"
Screenshot of an attractive email with turquoise and yellow elements, professional logo, and header image of people dancing

Additional graphics that have been created for TSD using the new brand: a sponsorship sheet, an event ticket, and an event promo image.
The last two - a Facebook event cover and an email blast - were created by the client using the guidelines provided.

Since then, with an established brand style, Taryn has found it easier to create effective marketing pieces such as newsletters and event fliers, and having a clear vision of the company’s values has given her confidence during media interviews.

The website also continues to be central to TSD’s operations, providing a hub for ongoing ticket sales and new initiatives such as TSD merchandise, a “buddy program” and dance scholarships.

“I am going to feel so much more confident going to people with this in my hand. Wow. I am literally tearing up right now, because I’m kinda scared to do this, to go ask people for money, and you just made it so much easier.” - Taryn

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