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Using the Right Words Can Double Your Sales

A University of Vermont study on cheese consumption and buying habits, found that there are generally two groups of cheese consumers: those who are price sensitive, and those who are quality sensitive. The results showed that the quality seekers were willing to pay between 15% and 25% more for each in a series of attributes, such as organic, artisanally made, locally produced, etc.

Add that up, and a cheese with all of these attributes could sell for about twice as much as a cheese with none of them.

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New Research Uncovers Biggest Differentiator Of Effective Marketing: Bravery

A study of 6,000 ad campaigns shows: bravery in advertising pays off.

A recent study evaluated the last 50 years of award-winning ad campaigns and found that the safest campaigns did pretty well, the slightly-brave campaigns did the worst, and the bravest campaigns were off the charts in terms of effectiveness.

Other insights: a campaign is most effective if it has two objectives and combines both mass- and targeted messaging; the longer a campaign runs, the more effective it is; and the more channels a campaign runs on, the more effective it is.

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Ashley Newman of Fat Puppy Marketing Interviewed on TK Business Live

In this interview I talk about my philosophy of marketing, my goals for my clients and what makes working with them so rewarding, and advice for new businesses.

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Burger King Built Ads From X-Rays of Customers Who Hurt Their Jaws Eating Whoppers

Most companies freak out when a customer is injured. Burger King's decision to put the x-rays in new ads proves that almost *anything* can be used as a brand differentiator and even the cheekiest, boldest advertising can work. The takeaway? Don't be afraid to show some personality.

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Wait & See

Justin Jackson contradicts the idea that quick action is always best. He claims that usually, the best reaction isn't to "do something." Instead, it's better to "wait."

  • Did your competitor launch a new feature? Wait and see how it works out.
  • Did you have a new idea in the shower? Wait and see if you're still excited about it in a week.
  • Get a suggestion from a customer? Wait and see how important it really is.
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