Marketing Strategy for Small Business Success

You've probably wondered, "How should I be marketing my business?"

Our work together answers that question so you can move forward with confidence.

At Fat Puppy Marketing, we understand the issues and requirements of small business. You need to make the most of your time and resources, but to do that you need expert strategy… without adding a full-time marketing expert to your team. Our practical, solution focused approach to marketing is the perfect fit!

From analysis to goal setting, our marketing strategy consulting services provide common-sense solutions at a price you can afford. Together we’ll explore options, identify obstacles, and create a straightforward marketing plan for your business. You’ll know what to do next... and have the tools you need to move forward confidently toward your goals.

"Last week I spent some time strategizing with Ashley. Y'all... she's amazing!
I'm often overwhelmed by ALL the things and sometimes I'm just not sure where to start or what to do. She helped me come up with a DOABLE list and some great ideas to really scale my brand."

- Ariel Unselt, Chinell's

Learn what gets results for your business.

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We'll dive into your specific situation with questions such as: 

While you may have asked yourself some of these questions, you'll benefit from a down-to-earth outside perspective from a fellow business owner with high ideaphoria.

"That's a really good idea. I'm going to write that down."
- Tara Dimick, TK Business