Marketing Services

Fat Puppy Marketing specializes in the custom marketing services small businesses need to attract attention, connect with potential customers, and generate increased revenue.

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If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else - it's true in marketing, too.

Together we'll explore your business goals, then create a plan to put the right tactics to work for your benefit. More about this >


Your brand = a customer's first impression.

More than just a logo, your brand is the foundation of all your marketing efforts and has real revenue impact. Let's make it a strong one >

Web design + SEO

Your website is the first place potential customers go to learn about your business, products and services.

Our practical approach ensures your site makes a positive first impression and gives you exactly what you need to meet your goals. Learn more >

Ongoing Marketing Services

Your marketing doesn't end with a website. As a full-service marketing agency with experience in most marketing tactics, we offer all the services you need for success.

Whether you're looking for graphic design for a flier, a digital ad campaign, or an ongoing retainer, we can help. Let's talk >

“This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I hired you for and I love it. I never imagined we could do this kind of stuff.”

- Steve Stewart, Stewart's United Agencies

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