"A biker, a soccer mom, and an investment banker walk into a bar..."

Branding is how you know which is which.

Your brand is what grabs prospects' attention and makes them want to know more - if it's done right.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses view branding as an afterthought and a nice-to-have, rather than as an essential part of the sales pipeline - and as an inherent part of everything they do.

Hint: Your brand includes:

The good news is that since so many businesses ignore their branding, creating yours deliberately gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Logo: a curved border surrounding the letters FP ampersand Co.Logo: a roly-poly puppy over the words Fat Puppy Marketing

Any time you can make yourself memorable to your customers, you make them do your advertising for you.
Which of these companies are you more likely to remember?

"I've never done anything like that and you were a good guide through the process... I've appreciated your logical input and your commonsense perspective."

- Taryn Temple, Topeka Swing Dance

Grab your customers' attention.

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Whether you have an established brand that just needs a little polishing, or are creating a brand from the ground up to create the strongest foundation possible for a new company, we can help.

We'll guide you through the process of identifying your target customer (sometimes known as your customer avatar) and the impression you want to create.

At the end we'll provide a Brand Guidelines document that you can use to guide all future marketing efforts - including your logo and website design - to ensure you're speaking as effectively as possible to your best prospects.