You wouldn’t expect a contractor to build your new home without a plan. 

You wouldn’t trust a surgeon who schedules a procedure without a diagnosis and test results.

Logically, you know this haphazard approach isn’t likely to get good results. The same is true for marketing.

At Fat Puppy Marketing, we believe effective marketing begins with analysis and ends with practical, customized implementation.

To create an effective marketing plan for your business, we'll ask a lot of questions, dig into the details of your situation, and identify the issues that need attention. This approach brings clarity and simplicity to what can often feel overwhelming.

You don’t need to do everything. You need to do the right thing. Together, we'll discover the right marketing for you and give you the tools to do it.

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About Us

Meet Ashley

Ashley’s unique love of the creative and the rational gives her an appreciation for both the art and the science of marketing.

With over 10 years of marketing industry experience, she is able to customize marketing tactics to fit the needs and brand of her clients. Her mission is figuring out what’s broken in her client’s marketing systems and fixing it.

Ashley’s hobbies include drinking mass quantities of tea, collecting friends around her table for game nights and elaborate dinners, and acquiring books faster than she can read them. She lives in Topeka, Kansas and is a member of the Forge “Business Herd” Committee and the Topeka Swing Dance Leadership Team.

She has spoken on TK Business Live and at the Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

Meet Dalton

As a rescue, Dalton brings boundless devotion to his job. His duties include making sure Ashley gets enough walks, barking at everyone who might even think of approaching the house, and lying on top of Ashley whenever she’s working too much. He also protects Ashley from yoga (obviously very strange and dangerous stuff) by nosing her out of position.

Dalton’s hobbies include bike runs, Olympic-level snuggling, and biting shoes - but only when there are feet in them.

Curious about Fat Puppy Marketing's name? You can read about the philosophy behind it.